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Simpler measurement automatically

We work with a single focus - reducing risks to the surroundings in conjunction with infrastructure projects.  This is why we developed the AVA Monitoring System - for vibration measuring equipment - that measures environmental parameters in a way that is just as user friendly as cost-effective.

Through automated measurements with our unattended and remote-controlled field instruments, important infrastructure, people, buildings and sensitive nature can simply be protected from negative impact.

Our web-based measurement system then gives you full access to all measurement data online and lets you remotely control your field instruments directly from your web browser. It can't get any simpler!

AvaNet Vibration

Automatic vibration measuring equipment with unattended and remote-controlled field instruments. Measure vibrations from blasting, piling, compaction and shoring and measure air shock overpressure.

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AvaNet Geotech

Automated measurement of geotechnical parameters with unattended and remote-controlled field instruments. Measure ground water level, water pore pressure, inclination, conductivity, pH, etc.

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Five-month battery life

An energy-efficient design gives the AvaTrace M60 field instrument a battery life of up to five months. Minimal manual handling provides a superior project economy, making it one of the best vibration measuring equipment tools on the market.

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300 Measuring Points

Building in central Stockholm always places high demand on safety. When building right next to a power plant in full operation, the safety requrements reach an entirely new level. Hear ÅF tell about Swedens largest measuring project, with 300 measuring points.

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