Simpler meaurements

Vi arbetar med ett enda fokus – att minska risker för omgivningen i samband med infrastrukturprojekt.

Monitor and protect what is valuable

We have a single focus: to reduce risks to the surroundings in connection with infrastructure projects.

The AVA Monitoring System is the unique market leader in automated field measurement of ground vibration and noise. Unattended, online, remote controlled and independent of external power sources, it can be both read and remotely controlled from your web browser.

The AVA Monitoring System consists of the cloud-based measurement system AvaNetand the field instruments AvaTrace M80 for measuring ground vibrations and Sonitus EM2030 for measuring noise.

The field instruments record and communicate measurement data and are remotely controlled over the mobile phone network (2G/3G) and the Internet. You get full access to your measurement data over a regular web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone, at any time and wherever you are.

An open system for greater freedom

The AVA Monitoring System is open and supports a number of different sensors and field instruments from various manufacturers. This provides you as a user with greater freedom in your work. Both now and in the future, you can be certain of always having access to and being able to use the best available at any time.

Vibration meters

Through automated vibration measurement with our unattended and remote-controlled field instruments, important infrastructure, people, buildings and sensitive habitats can simply be protected from negative impact. Our web-based measurement system then gives you full access to all data online.

Noise meters

With the web-based AvaNet and the Sonitus EM2030 noise meter, you can measure and record noise in unattended environmental monitoring projects. No installation is needed; just plug in and let the noise meter start its work.

Customer Case

Vibration measurement with 300 measurement points at Värtaverket

Fortum is not taking any risks in the construction of Sweden’s largest biofuel-fired cogeneration plant in central Stockholm. Building in the centre of Stockholm always demands high standards of safety. Building close to a power station in full operation takes the safety requirements to a whole new level.

“The entire Värtaverket co-generation plant is in operation, producing electricity and heat during the construction period,” explains Martin Jonsson, Regional Manager at ÅF. “So vibration measurements are an important part of our work for securing the electricity supply for Stockholm residents. A major power outage simply cannot be allowed to happen.””The entire Värtaverket co-generation powerplant is in operation, producing electricity and heat during construction,” explains Martin Jonsson, Regional Manager at ÅF. ”So vibration measurements are an important part of our work for securing the electricity supply for Stockholm residents. A major power outage simply may not happen.”

Customer Case

Reliable measurement protects people and valuable buildings

For the construction of the Children’s Hospital in Dublin, there was a need for a reliable system to measure noise and vibration.

The measurement consultants Murphy Surveys chose the AVA Monitoring System to take noise and vibration measurements during the construction of the Children’s Hospital in Dublin. “The hospital is in an old part of the city and there were concerns that the project would have a negative impact on buildings and local residents. Our client decided to implement a noise and vibration plan and we installed a number of noise and vibration meters. Thanks to our online tool, the project staff can rely on getting a warning message the second anything unexpected happens,” says Ethan Kelly, Monitoring Manager at Murphy Surveys.

Calibration, service and support

We offer repairs, service and calibration of your instrument. When your instrument is in need of calibration you receive a reminder e-mail from us. When you send in your instrument for service, you will receive a response within a few days with an estimate of time and costs. Read more and contact us here.

Looooong battery life for easier measuremen

For vibration measurement, the energy-efficient design of the AvaTrace M80 provides up to eight months of battery operation on regular alkaline batteries (six size D batteries). This gives reliable and safe measurement – and superior project economy.

Simple noise measurement in the field

The Sonitus EM2030 is ideal for situations that demand long-term noise/sound measurement with high availability and precision, such as construction sites, manufacturing or roadbuilding.

Buy or lease measurement equipment?

Buying measurement equipment from us is easy – but sometimes it is more efficient to lease than to buy. A fixed daily rental makes budgeting easy and you do not need to worry about service or calibration. Our web-based measurement system AvaNet is always included in the leasing price so you can take full advantage of all the functions. Contact us for more information and a quote.