Cloud based online system for data analysis/reporting and field instrument control.

Cloud solution for data collection, data analysis, reporting tools and maintenance control of field instrumentation


The web-based measurement system AvaNet is the hub of our product package and takes care of all data collection, communication, processing, monitoring and storage of measurement data.

Completely web-based measurement system

AvaNet is an open measurement system that supports our own instruments and also a number of other sensors and measurement instruments from different manufacturers. This gives you greater freedom to choose exactly the instruments and sensors that suit your needs. The common denominator is that the field instruments are equipped with a modem that sends measurement data via 2G/3G mobile phone network and the Internet to AvaNet and our central data server around the clock. You can access all measurement data and remotely control the field instruments via a regular web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also set alerts that automatically send an e-mail or SMS to your stakeholders if a measurement exceeds set limits or if a failure occurs.

Remote-controlled measurement instruments

The field instrument can be fully remote-controlled via AvaNet. If you want to change measurement settings, limits or check the battery level, you can do so quickly and simply from your web browser, wherever you are.

Access your data wherever you are, 24 hours a day

AvaNet requires no software download or installation on your computer. Your current data is always available online over a regular web browser and can be securely shared in real time with others on the project. You can easily create users with various authorisation levels. In the web-based measurement system, there are also extensive functions for analysis and reporting of measurement data.

Secure operation and data storage

All measurement data is continuously and automatically collected, around the clock, in a secure database with daily backups. You do not need to manage hard drives or backup routines. Your measurement data is always available in a system that meets every conceivable security requirement.


• Control field instruments remotely over the Internet with a web browser

• Collect, process and store measurement data on a central data server

• Functions for analysis and reporting of measurement data

• Share measurement results and other documentation with project participants in real time

• Alerts for important parameters are automatically sent by e-mail and SMS

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