About us

Vi arbetar med ett enda fokus – att göra det enkelt att skapa säkerhet för omgivningen i samband med infrastrukturprojekt.

We make it easy to protect the world

We are not big, but we have great ambitions. The AVA Monitoring System is based on more than 40 years’ experience of measurements and a genuine passion for technical innovation. The fully automated measurement system we offer today makes it simple for everyone to protect people, buildings, infrastructure, soil, air and watercourses from negative environmental impact. Every ground vibration can be recorded and measured automatically. When construction can move forward and communities can be developed with minimal disturbance – that’s when we are satisfied with our work.

Open to the world

We do not want to lock our customers in to a single solution. That is why we have chosen to open our web-based measurement system to measurement equipment from other manufacturers as well. As one of our customers, you will be able to use the field instruments you need for your measurements and also take advantage of all of the benefits of the AVA Monitoring System with automatic, unattended and remote-controlled measurement where you always have access to your measurement data.

AVA Monitoring System – a flexible system for changing times

We live and work in a digital world. So the AVA Monitoring System is just as mobile as you are; all you need to take readings or adjust the field instruments is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection. You then have full control of every measurement, around the clock, wherever you are in the world.