What does a yellow marking mean in AvaNet?

In general, a yellow marking is a warning that something needs to be checked. Depending on where the yellow marking appears, it means different things.

In instrument panels and for individual values in the instrument view

For instrument settings, a yellow marking means that a setting has been made in AvaNet, but not yet sent to the instrument. The setting will be transferred the next time the instrument connects to AvaNet.

Entire lines in the instrument view

Lines in the instrument view are marked yellow to indicate warnings concerning the instrument, e.g. that the battery voltage is low. The warnings are shown in the ”Fault list” column. When warnings end, they are automatically removed from the list and the line is no longer coloured.

Note that the lines are only coloured for the instruments that belong to a project in which one is a project administrator.

To see if there are any warnings that have ended, one can mark the line and click on ”Show logs” in the menu on the left of the table.

The following events trigger warnings:

  • Battery voltage is low.
  • The instrument needs to be calibrated within one month.
  • Software upgrade failed.
  • Sending of SMS directly from the instrument failed.
  • Too many triggers have occurred.
  • Synchronisation of the instrument’s clock failed.
  • The instrument restarted unexpectedly.

Entire lines in the measuring point view

Measuring points are marked yellow where the latest measurement value is outside set limits. The yellow marking remains for at least 24 hours and until the next measurement value that lies within the limits comes in to AvaNet.

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