How do I search for values within a specific time interval?

Sometimes you want to display measurements for a period of time regardless of the date, for example, every day between 07: 00 – 18:00. In this case, you can use the column ”Time of day” instead of the column ”Time” which includes dates. Normally, the column ”Time of day” isn’t displayed, but you may add it by clicking the ”select columns” above the table.
To enter the desired time interval, click the question mark to the left of the search field column ”Time of day”. This opens the dialog for advanced options that make your job of building up the search string.
For example, to find out the range of 07: 00 – 18:00, do the following:
1) Select the option ”not before,” and enter 7:00 into the text field and click the ”And”
2) Select the ”not after:” and enter 18:00 into the text field and click the ”And”
You have the following search string in the text field: > = 07:00:00 && <= 18:00:00
Click ”Search” to execute the search. The dialog closes and the table is updated. You can see the search string in the search field for the column ”Time of day”

If you want to limit the search to be between certain dates, include the column ”Time” and simply choose the desired dates.