What does a red marking in the AvaNet mean?

A red marking is generally a fault marking. The fault should be immediately checked and resolved. Depending on where the red marking appears, it means different things.

In instrument panels and for individual values in the instrument view
A red marking or exclamation point in the instrument panel means that a setting in the instrument does not match the settings in AvaNet. This is usually due to a setting being made directly in the instrument, e.g. starting the measurement with the ”start/stop” button. It may also be due to an attempt to make a setting from AvaNet that the instrument did not accept for some reason.

Entire lines in the instrument view
Lines in the instrument view are marked red to indicate faults on the instrument, such as self-test faults. The faults are shown in the ”Fault list” column. When the faults end, they are automatically removed from the list and the line is no longer coloured.

Note that the lines are only coloured for the instruments that belong to a project in which one is a project administrator.

To see if there are any faults that have ended, one can mark the line and click on ”Show logs” in the menu on the left of the table.

The following events are considered to be faults:

  • The communication between instruments and AvaNet does not work.
  • The instrument needs to be calibrated.
  • Self-test failed.
  • The communication between the instrument and an external instrument is not working (e.g. a Checkpoint M2 and a Diver).

Entire lines in the measuring point view
Measuring points that are linked to an instrument with faults are marked in red.

Note that this only occurs if one is a project administrator.

Also refer to ”What does a yellow marking mean in AvaNet?”.