Customer Case – Förbifart Stockholm

Ava Monitoring Systems in one of Swedens largest infrastructure project

The Stockholm Bypass (Förbifart Stockholm) is one of Sweden’s biggest ever infrastructure projects, and its purpose is to enable continued growth in the nation’s capital. The project aims to make day-to-day life easier for residents in and around Stockholm, by relieving the existing infrastructure and making travelling through the city considerably simpler.

“It’s not only the size of the project that makes it a challenge. The project’s environment and surroundings also present a difficulty, with several sensitive points along the new stretch,” says Mikael Karlsson, Deputy Contract Manager at Bergsäker.

Tough restrictions demand control

Bergsäker is the company responsible for managing and measuring the northern half of the project’s impact on the surroundings. The environment around the project makes it particularly important to keep a constant check on what is happening and how the surroundings are affected. This is primarily due to the project’s proximity to housing, tunnels and facilities with sensitive installations.

“One of the biggest problems is what perception the people living and working close to the project have. Noise and vibrations can be a source of unease, and can also cause delays in the project. To help us we use AVA Monitoring’s automatic measurement system, which brings us great peace of mind around the whole project.”

Automatic systems mean freedom

The Stockholm Bypass affects the surrounding environment in several ways. For instance, the entire metro system may have to be stopped if the blasting work causes excessive vibrations. Availability and control are therefore of the utmost importance to Bergsäker.

“The AVA Monitoring System gives us full control of our measurement data for both noise and vibrations. The system also makes it possible to find quick answers to any questions about the project, and to share measurement data with other stakeholders. This gives us control and credibility in our dealings with everyone involved,” Mikael Karlsson at Bergsäker continues.

Real-time measurement data with the lowest possible maintenance

To manage and maintain control over the project’s impact on the surroundings, Bergsäker is using the AVA Monitoring System with several different kind of sensors and the web-based measurement system AvaNet. The automatic system enables Bergsäker to focus on delivering safety and control to all the project’s stakeholders while also increasing efficiency, as there is a minimum of need to devote time to maintaining the system.

“The AVA Monitoring System brings great peace of mind to the project and ensures that our foremen have control over everything that’s happening. Availability is very important to us, as is the long battery life of the field instrument. It’s a huge advantage for those who manage the measurements, and very little manual effort is required, which saves precious time,” Mikael Karlsson concludes.