Sonitus EM2030

Unattended noise monitoring wherever you are


The Sonitus EM2030 noise monitor is ideal for situations that demand long-term noise/sound measurement with high availability and precision, such as construction sites, manufacturing or roadbuilding projects. As with our vibration meters, measurement and uploading of measurement data are completely automated. Measurement data is uploaded directly via the mobile phone network to our cloud service AvaNet, so you always have access to up-to-date information from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Robust design

The Sonitus EM2030 allows you to measure noise anywhere, at any time. Measurement and operational monitoring are continuous, with reliable equipment that can withstand demanding outdoor environments. The equipment comprises a robust field meter with a weatherproof microphone.


Simple handling for unattended noise monitoring

The Sonitus EM2030 is especially well suited to unattended measurement projects. There is no need for any local installation; simply plug in and let the noise meter start its work.

The field instrument is fitted with an integrated 3G modem which communicates with our cloud service AvaNet for automatic uploading of measurement data and remote control from a regular web browser.

Continuous long-term noise measurement

• Construction sites and infrastructure projects

• Roadbuilding projects

• Industrial noise measurement

• Monitoring noise levels

• Events such as concerts

• Runways and small airfields



• Continuous measurement and operational monitoring round the clock

• Measurement data in real time

• Reliable field equipment to withstand demanding outdoor environments

• Uncorrupted measurement data

• Automatic alerts via e-mail and SMS

• Simple to install and operate

• Weatherproof microphone

• Measure LEQ, L05, L10, L50, L90 and L95

• A and C weighting

• Fast and slow LMAX options

• IEC61672 class 1 or class 2 microphone

• Large local data storage capacity (unlimited with AvaNet)

• Wi-Fi interface for easy access on the ground via web browser

• Secure and flexible cloud-based reporting


Extra battery as an option

Supplement the Sonitus EM2030 noise meter with the powerful 12V Sonitus Battery Pack in case you have no access to 230V.

Buy or lease measurement equipment?

Buying vibrometers or other instruments from us is easy – but sometimes it is more efficient to lease than to buy. A fixed daily rental makes budgeting easy and you do not need to worry about service or calibration. Our web-based measurement system AvaNet is always included in the leasing price so you can take full advantage of all the functions. Contact us for more information and a quote.

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Service and support

As a customer of AVA Monitoring, you can have your instrument repaired, serviced and calibrated. When you send in your instrument for service, you will receive a response within a few days with an estimate of costs and when the instrument will be returned to you. When your instrument is in need of calibration you receive a reminder e-mail from us. You can also find details of when it is time to calibrate on the product and in AvaNet.


You can reach our support desk on +46 31-760 12 20 on working days from 08:00-11:30 and 12:30-16:30. You can also e-mail your incident to so you can track it. You can also search for help in our instructional videos and FAQs.