Instructional videos

Tips and instructions

Get started with your measurement project quickly and safely and take advantage of all the useful functions in the AVA Monitoring System.


Read, analyse and share measurement data. Generate reports with ease. Set your project-specific measurement parameters using simple methods. Here, we show you how, step by step, in text and video. Are you missing any information or instructions? Let us know and we will provide it.


01. AvaNet: Set up a new project
02. AvaNet: Add new measurement point
03. AvaNet: Start measurement procedure
04. AvaNet: Replace instrument
05. AvaNet: Triax and waveform report
06. Blink modes, AvaTrace
07. Change battery pack, AvaTrace M60
08. Insert SIM card into AvaTrace M60
09. Alert group overview
10. Alert group: blasting
11. Errors, warnings and alarm indications in AvaNet
12. AVA Monitoring System